I really love seeing all of the ways people find use of my music online. I get to see little windows into peoples lives around the world, their art, their ambitions; It’s inspiring and i’m grateful. It highlights the often unseen side of the internet; obscured by clickbait videos and the hegemony of social proof.


Whenever I meditate I like to think of my distracted thoughts as kind, well meaning friends, luring my attention away to them. It's something I thought would be funny as a video. Maybe I'll do something with that eventually, but for now, here's a song about it. 


I started using facebook ads last week as a means of growing my "audience" and it was gross af. The amount of data that facebook has on all of us is truly disturbing. I've been all shitty and sarcastic lately as a way of dealing with that experience; as a way of coping with the fact, that for the time being, we're all semi-trapped in this online medium, and the castration of critiquing a system that you rely on for your very survival.

 It put me in a bit of a mood, so I wrote this song.