Interview from How to Eat a Human Heart:

AW: So what brought you to writing songs? 

CS: I write music for a very specific individual. I write songs to help them, and they know who they are. In terms of why songs specifically, I suppose I’m not articulate enough to express these ideas with words alone. There's something about the juxtaposition of music and lyric that allows me to communicate the way I want to. It’s something that just comes more natural for whatever reason. 

AW: Where did you grow up, and did it affect what you do? 

CS: I’m sure it must have. I grew up in the desert outside of LA. There wasn’t a lot to do as a kid, so music was a way to keep occupied. There are a lot of really interesting introspective artist that came out of that area. I assume they were in the same situation. I believe we’re all tied into our environment much more than we realize. We think we’re all so unique, but often don’t acknowledge the deep grooves carved by those who came before us. I can usually tell by the first song where a band is from. 

AW: What drew you to music? 

CS: I process a lot of things by writing songs. In a lot of ways, it’s a selfish act. I hate to make song writing seem this like mystical experience, but there are some strange phenomenons that happen during writing. Often I’ll write things that seem to be coming from outside of me, and not until fleshing out the song do I realize it’s the exact message I needed to hear. It’s a process of self realization, and it answers a lot of questions floating just outside of my awareness. The act of writing forces you to make concrete language out of abstraction. It can be deeply revealing and very useful. I try to take any wisdom I can glean from those experiences and share it. 

AW: Is that what “Desire” is? 

CS: Not intentionally, but yes. The songs on Desire are all varying perspective of the title. I like to think about it as a kind of cubism for music.   

AW: What made you decide to release your music royalty free? 

CS: It dawned on me that almost everyone I know is a creator of some kind. And so if someone identifies with my music, and wants to use it for something, I would love nothing more than to contribute it to their work. I figured I'd just save anyone the hassle of having to ask me, and just release that way from the start. Also, when you consider the innovations in technology, it’s only a matter of time before creativity is the only avenue of making a living. I think we’re already seeing a transition into an economy based on reciprocation. I feel that people are good, and those that use or find value in my work, will do their part. 

AW: Is there a full Album in the works? 

CS: I finished another set of songs right before the release of Desire. As of right now, it’ll be another EP. I’m starting to wonder if i’ll ever make a full length. When considering the way music is consumed now, it makes more sense to me to make shorter, more digestible works. Plus, I change so often, I can only write a handful of songs before I start moving on to another subject. 

AW: Do you have a tentative release date for that? 

CS: It will be sometime 2018 for sure. I’m in the process of raising funds for the next album. Desire was the product of calling in a lot of favors. I’m incredibly grateful for how much time everyone spent on it, and so it’s my intention is to be able to pay all of the musicians for their time and work on these records. My music is not for everyone, but I feel confident that those who get what i’m doing, will support it.